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Radalytica is the leading provider of robotic imaging solutions for non-destructive testing. Our mission is to deliver top-class, easy to use 2D and 3D robotic imaging system (RIS).

We have our own research and development team consisting of top experts in the field and we are also the Universal Robots’ OEM.


Our Robotic Imaging System named RadalyX brings a safe, cost-effective and intuitive method, which overcomes the limits of common X-ray inspection. We provide a breakthrough technology into the quality inspection process and create new levels of material safety and development by our unique robotic solutions.



Traditional Czech small aircraft and all-composite gliders producer, originally founded in 1935.

Orličan Ltd, Aircraft production in Czech Republic

Manufacturer of semiconductor sensors, micro packaging and radiation imaging cameras. Development of imaging solutions for industrial and academic needs.


Development and production of the highest quality propellers since 1974.


Design of single-purpose machines for industrial production, assembly workplaces, precision jigs and entire work units, including their automation and implementation of camera systems.


Development and production of sophisticated, high-end instrumentation for research in the biological sciences.

Photon systems instruments

Supplier of solutions in the field of ultrasonic measuring technologies. Manufacture of sensors and devices for applications in various industries.


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September 23, 2020

Robotic Imaging System RadalyX in automated plant phenotyping field of PSI company

We are very happy 😀 to announce that we just completed installation and testing of our Robotic Imaging System 🦾RadalyX🦾into the phenotyping platform of PSI company. We are going to explore the power of this unique robotic X-ray imaging extended to 3D by Computed Tomography. The aim is using to uncover and characterize the inner structures of the plants 🌱or areas concealed by the leaf canopy and quantitatively asses the exact biomass of the stalks and ears. PSI company is currently focusing even on development of automated protocols for analysis of underground structures such as potato tubers.

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