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RadalyX - imaging system for non-destructive testing

X-ray robotic imaging systems

Radalytica is currently the only provider of mobile robotic 3D computed tomography allowing the imaging of large objects. With a team of experts, it is a research and development company.

Radalytica has developed the unique robotic imaging system “RadalyX”, which, thanks to a combination of X-ray imaging sensors of the new generation and robots, is able to significantly expand and improve the applicability of imaging methods to a wider portfolio of objects in both industry and science. RadalyX is becoming a very powerful tool for non-destructive testing and diagnostics even in areas where inspections were not possible or only limited.

"We are not roboticists, we're radiologists. And we program our robots to do better X-rays." Jan Sohar, CEO

Our services are based on state-of-the-art imaging technologies to improve product quality control, combining X-ray and ultrasound imaging. It has a wide range of applications, all at micrometric level in 2D or even 3D image.

Multi-Robot Platform

Robotic imaging system

Our team develop advanced robotics technology to control multiple robots integrated in a single imaging system.



X-ray imaging for non-destructive testing

We are developing systems that give customers the best X-ray imaging quality and provide complex modularity of the most advanced imaging methods for non-destructive inspection of composite and other materials.



Applications of Robotic Imaging System RadalyX

Our Robotic Imaging System RadalyX can be used for various purposes with strong emphasis on aviation and automotive industries.



Imaging services

Robotic imaging system-lab measurement
Robotic imaging system -in situ measurement
Robotic imaging system -in situ measurement

The technologies used together with RadalyX are also provided as a service without the need to acquire your own robotic imaging system. The mobility and flexibility of RadalyX, we are able to provide one-off services with the help of our experts directly in the desired location. These services include professional scanning and operation of the robotic imaging system, detailed evaluation and interpretation of results to improve your manufacturing or research and development processes.

If you are interested in measurement of some sample, please fulfill the questionnaire here and our imaging specialists will contact you back as soon as possible.

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