Jeronym Hanuska - a young, promising baseball player

Jerry got into this sport in 2015 as a teenage, who was looking for an interesting and for him ideal sport. As he says, after he quit athletics, he didn't want to stop playing sports and was intrigued by his dad's story about his sports past in softball. When he tried his first pitches with a borrowed glove, he was so intrigued that his parents decided to enroll him for a baseball training camp with the Prague team Kotlářka in Hluboká nad Vltavou. After a week of training, he decided to stay with baseball. In Kotlářka, he played first base, third base and especially pitching until the end of the season 2021. At the beginning of 2022, thanks to his long-time coach Kuba Sládek, he got the opportunity to show what he could do at one training academy based in Regensburg, Germany. It is an elite baseball academy considered the best in Europe and we are very proud of possibility to be at sports growing of such a symphatetic young man and support him in his baseball career.

Following Jerry's footsteps