Modular Robotic Imaging System tailored to your needs.


Radalyx brings modularity of high-resolution imaging methods, total freedom of viewing angles, online and real time inspection, easy programming and intuitive manual handling using 3D Mouse Move. Radalyx can be integrated into production lines, stand-alone flexible lab systems or portable system.

Examples of the tools used by Radalyx are X-ray computed tomography, air-coupled ultrasound, macro-photography and material resolving X-ray. Our technologies can detect even the smallest defects in various products and overcome the limits of common X-ray inspection.

Imaging Services

The technologies used together with Radalyx are also provided as a service without the need to acquire your own robotic imaging system.

Thanks to our offices in Europe and the USA, as well as the mobility and flexibility of Radalyx, we are able to provide one-off services with the help of our experts directly in the desired location.

These services include professional scanning and operation of the robotic imaging system, detailed evaluation and interpretation of results to improve your manufacturing or research and development processes.

3D Mouse Move

3D Mouse Move is a plugin to control the Radalyx robotic imaging system in real time and in any direction or rotation. Once you shift or tilt the tool by hands using the freedrive button, the robot will follow the same movements. When the robot is out of the operator’s reach, 3D Mouse Move replicates the same intuitive experience.

Such cases happen if the robot is inside another room or within inaccessible areas by the operator.

3D Mouse Move can be used to teach the robot during programming or controlling the robot real-time to perform various tasks:

  • Intuitive real-time motion response
  • Movement in any arbitrary direction
  • Controlling the robot from another room

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