Our team develop advanced robotics technology to control multiple robots integrated in a single imaging system.


Our Top-Class Robotic Imaging System

Radalytica’s Robotic Imaging System RadalyX is an X-ray imaging system that combines single particle counting X-ray imaging detectors for high quality images with the flexibility of collaborative robots. The key parts of the scanner are two robotic arms with 6 joints. The first arm holds an X-ray tube, the second holds an imaging detector. The X-ray tube/detector pair can, thanks to the robots, move and rotate freely about the sample. The robots are moving synchronously so that the mutual position of the X-ray tube and detector remains the same under all circumstances. The major benefits of the system are:

  • Modular combination of imaging methods
  • High resolution (55 µm or better) imaging of large objects
  • Real time imaging with immediate viewing angle and position control
  • Variety of scanning modes for different sample types
  • Total freedom of X-ray viewing angles
  • Spectral X-ray imaging for material identification
  • Air-coupled ultrasound scanning of complex curvatures
  • Extendible to 3D by Computed Tomography and Tomosynthesis
  • Easy programming or intuitive manual handling using 3D Mouse Move
  • Possibility to integrate into production lines or stand-alone flexible lab systems or portable systems
  • Ability to detect even the smallest defects in size of tens of micrometers
  • Inspection of hard-to-reach places and irregular structures from different angles



Berkhof X-RAD

A new device for automatic X-ray inspection of products directly in the production line.

It can be used in many industries, from food, pharmacy, electronics to aviation and the automotive industry for quality or assembly inspection.

Different materials can be assigned different colors by spectral imaging, making it easier to identify materials in an image based on differences in their chemical element composition. This can be used to detect undesirable materials or to better visualize an object for the operator’s orientation.



We are working on new generation camera for thyroid gland and small organs imaging by nuclear medicine methods. The project is part of the 1. Public contest for industrial and experimental development program TREND organized by TAČR. It took the 11. place amongst all 396 projects submitted in this contest. The project will be scheduled for 4 years and it was started in 2020.

More details about ThyroPIX.



The Irradion project modifies and extends the robotic scanner for purposes of research on cancer treatment with ion beams on small animals (mice or rats).

More details about IRRADION.