We provide complex modularity of the most advanced imaging methods for non-destructive inspection of composite and other materials. We are using technologies such as X-ray computed tomography, air-coupled ultrasound, macro-photography or material resolving X-ray, together with flexible and easy to use collaborative robots.


Radalytica’s Robotic Imaging System named Radalyx is an X-ray imaging system that combines single particle counting X-ray imaging detectors for high quality images with the flexibility of collaborative robots. The major benefits of the system are:

  • Modular combination of imaging methods
  • High resolution (55 µm or better) imaging of large objects
  • Real time imaging with immediate viewing angle and position control
  • Variety of scanning modes for different sample types
  • Total freedom of X-ray viewing angles
  • Spectral X-ray imaging for material identification
  • Air-coupled ultrasound scanning of complex curvatures
  • Extendible to 3D by Computed Tomography and Tomosynthesis
  • Easy programming or intuitive manual handling using 3D Mouse Move
  • Possibility to integrate into production lines or stand-alone flexible lab systems or portable systems
  • Ability to detect even the smallest defects in size of tens of micrometers
  • Inspection of hard-to-reach places and irregular structures from different angles


3D Mouse Move

3D Mouse Move is a plugin to control the Radalyx robotic imaging system in real time and in any direction or rotation. Once you shift or tilt the tool by hands using the freedrive button, the robot will follow the same movements. When the robot is out of the operator’s reach, 3D Mouse Move replicates the same intuitive experience.

Such cases happen if the robot is inside another room or within inaccessible areas by the operator.

3D Mouse Move can be used to teach the robot during programming or controlling the robot real-time to perform various tasks:

  • Intuitive real-time motion response
  • Movement in any arbitrary direction
  • Controlling the robot from another room


We are working on new generation camera for thyroid gland and small organs imaging by nuclear medicine methods. The project is part of the 1. Public contest for industrial and experimental development program TREND organized by TAČR. It took the 11. place amongst all 396 projects submitted in this contest. The project will be scheduled for 4 years and it was started in 2020.

More details about ThyroPIX.