Using a 3D Mouse

3D Mouse Move is a plugin for SpaceMouse that allows control of the system´s collaborative arms in real time and in any arbitrary direction or rotation. Simply, once you shift and tilt the 3D Mouse Move, the robot tool will follow the same tilt and shift.
Real-time imaging with a 3D mouse allows full control over the position and viewing angle of the X-ray image. The X-ray image of the given area of the sample is displayed in real time on the screen. Simple manual control using live view creates the perfect tool for locating defects in the inspected structure in 3D. Immediate feedback between manual control of the direction of view and the X-ray image is what makes the system a very intuitive tool. Thanks to the connection of the image with our action, the brain is able to create a very clear idea of the 3D structure. Therefore, inspection with robots is faster, less demanding on data processing compared to CT and can be applied to the selected areas of larger object.

Other imaging methods