Farnborough Airshow 2022, UK


Radalytica and other Czech companies from the aviation industry ✈️ offered their technologies to the world at the prestigious airshow in Farnborough, UK. The joint Czech participation brought great experience and new contracts.

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The Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 of the Czech Republic


We are very proud of the members of our Board of Directors Jan Sohar and Jan Jakůbek who became the winners of the Technological Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 competition of the Czech Republic.

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ICT Conference 2022, Wels, Austria


At the beginning of February this year, the 11th conference on industrial CT took place in Wels, Austria. The main topic was new computed tomography methods for specific industrial non-destructive quality control tasks. Radalytica participated with her presentation on the topic Arbitrary Path CT by Multi-Robot Imaging Platform (RadalyX).

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European Space Agency - ESA has published its highlights in 2021 and InsightART (our sister company) made it among these key moments.


ESA supports the development and testing of space technologies and InsightART company uses the detector chip technology (also used by NASA on the International Space Station🛰) to analyse works of art. These single particle counting X-ray imaging detectors with the flexibility of collaborative robots provide fine art experts valuable information for non-destructive analysis of art. Thanks to the unique capabilities of this robotic imaging platform (developed by Radalytica) InsightART was able to penetrate even into analysis of such a valuable painting as "Madonna and child" by Raphael. We are confident that InsightART is the future of art authentication.

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Robotic computed tomography – removing NDT barriers for composites


How to inspect any size and shape of composites thoroughly, reliably and with a low dose. Read the article published in the Compositesworld magazine.

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Quality Innovation Award - Gala Event (Serbia)


We are very pleased 😃 that Radalytica won the prize🏅 in the international innovation competition, where it succeeded with its robotic imaging system among more than 400 participants. We are proud of the entire Radalytica team that participated in the development of this system and thank them for this success.

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Robotics and its applications


Radalytica as part of a newsletter published by the National Center of Industry 4.0
Read what you don't already know about the possibilities and benefits of the modular robotic imaging platform -RadalyX-

Bulletin of the National Center of Industry 4.0
(czech version)

Two categories - two awards


After a few years Czech companies succeeded in the field of International competition with their innovations.👍Radalytica a.s. with its Robotic Imaging System „RadalyX“ and Radalytica a.s. in cooperation with Berkhof Construction s.r.o. with their BERKHOF x-rad got awards - Prize Winner and Award Winner🥇🥈 - in the International round of "Quality Innovation Award". The Quality Innovation Award is an annual, international competition that enables innovators mainly to get professional assessment for their innovation, benchmark their innovation against others and increase the visibility of their innovation. All together this helps to increase the competiveness of each participating country. In 2020 it was organized by the Finnish Quality Association and the national quality organizations for the 14th time. A total of 416 innovations participated in the competition and the best 25 were recognized with Awards or Prizes.

Czech News (czech version)
International Press Release QIA (English version)

Quality Innovation Award - The Winner


We are very excited 😀 to announce that Radalytica is the winner 🏆 of the national round of the international innovation competition called "Quality Innovation Award", organized by the Czech Society for Quality in cooperation with partners from the European Organization for Quality.
This year, Radalytica took part in this competition with its unique 👍 RadalyX - Robotic X-ray Imaging System, designed for non-destructive quality control in many industries. We took the award in an online ceremony and the winners 🥇 of the national competition will go on to go international and try to impress the judges in competition with foreign firms.

The ArtTech Prize 2020


We are very proud to announce that InsightART (our sister company using robotic imaging platform developed by Radalytica within the RToo scanner) is the winner 🏆of the ArtTech Prize 2020. The prize recognizes start-ups selected by an international Jury that provide technology innovation to the world 🌏 of art. This competition was organized as a part of the annual ArtTech Forum; an international conference.

ARTech Awards announced

Robotic Imaging System RadalyX in automated plant phenotyping field of PSI company


We are very happy to announce that we just completed installation and testing of our Robotic Imaging System -RadalyX- into the phenotyping platform of PSI company. The integration of RadalyX in PSI's phenotyping platform opens an entirely new field of X-ray imaging application in the field of automated plant phenotyping and breeding. The unique concept of robotic X-ray imaging extanded by 3D computed tomography enables to detect and accurately characterize plant structures that are hidden beneath leaves and other plant envelopes, such as evolving ears of cereals, or are hidden beneath the surface of clay, such as potato tubers.

Robotic Imaging System “RadalyX” of Radalytica company scanned Raphael’s painting


A unique robotic platform developed by Radalytica company enabled InsightART company to provide fine art experts with a spectral X-ray imaging of this work of art. We are proud that thanks to the unique capabilities of our robotic scanner, we were able to penetrate even into analysis of such a valuable painting.

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New device for automatic X-ray inspection of products directly is here!!!


The companies Berkhof Construction s.r.o. and Radalytica a.s. combined their strengths and years of experience in the field of industrial automation and X-ray imaging. The result of the cooperation is a new device for automatic X-ray inspection of products directly in the production line. It can be used in many industries, from food, pharmacy, electronics to aviation and the automotive industry.

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