Focus to selected depth

The flexibility of robot allows also focusing X-ray images to different depth. It is demonstrated on this lego sample where one figure is in front and two behind the wall.
Standard X-ray image is hard to understand. All structures are mixed, figures have different sizes.
Our X-ray imaging system can focus to a selected depth and show different layers of the sample (in this case of the front figure, wall and back figures). Moreover dimensions are correct thus metrology is possible.

We introduce different tomosynthesis scan trajectories to resolve depth information when the accessibility is limited.
The resulting images have correct absolute dimensions at all object depth slices. Due to the limited range of angles, the depth resolution is not as good as in the case of full CT. Therefore, we rather describe the method as a way to ‘focus the X-ray image to a selected depth’.
The full depth data is measured in one scan, and the focused depth is selected easily in the visualization.

Other imaging methods